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It's official : Pantone has crowned Greenery Green color of the year.

Wallo is ready to celebrate the return of warmer days with a celebration of color (green included!) and its Spring-Summer 2017 Stand Up collection (the Fidji and Genève dresses, the Savane square scarf, the Zurich tie scarf and the Berlin caftan)

Color is the life, intensity and vitality of the sun. Give me sun, give me energy, give me warmth and give me spring!

What the color green symbolizes

In literature, it has been said that green is a soothing, refreshing and invigorating color. Inspired by the foliage, it's one of the most prominent color on Earth and is associated with an oasis or the garden of Eden. Others have considered it a symbol of growth and movement, but because it resembles the color of banknotes, it also projects wealth and power.

Until the 17th century, in Western culture, because it was so hard to recreate and dye onto fabrics, the color green was perceived as eccentric and exceptional and represented hope, luck, stability and focus. Nowadays, the word green is often linked to health, vibrant nature and eco-friendly practices. Green goes fabulously with maroon, azure blue shades, ochre, cream and taupe. 

I drew an exhilarating vision of woman                                    
Winter brought us too much grey and brown! I can't wait to see sparkling green, titillating lime and intoxicating eucalyptus. At first, we can only see the buds burst open with luminous, translucent green. The sun is shining, through the naked branches, glistening with enchantment.                                                 ...And then, the foliage blooms in a plethora of greens, from emerald to pistachio, from apple green to iridescent jade to the deepest of pine and spinach greens. I dream of crisp, fresh hues, of a citrusy green next to tender, deep shades of lettuce, avocado, green tea and cucumber. I long for palm trees, tall grass, misty forests and afternoons spent reading in the middle of a luxurious garden.                  

Through these verdant wanderings, I have found the inspiration to create the Fidji and Genève dresses as well as the Savane, Berlin and Zurich scarves. I blended the greens like one prepares an exotic fusion cuisine dish. I played with the emotion of vibrant khaki, iridescent anise and rich avocado, and intertwined them with earthy tones reminiscent of tree bark and fertile soil.

Green, to me, is overflowing with love, it's a breath of fresh air, it's a juicy bite of nourishing vitality as nature comes back to life, it's the sweet smell of a green apple in the fresh breeze and it's wearing all the glory and satiny luxury of silk. Green, to me, embodies all the joy of spring. May yours be as lively as mine! 

Credit: Photos: Alex Paillon, Montreal TV and Jimmy Hamellin. Jewels: Anne-Marie-Chagnon and Mela


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