Every woman transcends beauty


For the love of elegance and creativity
Creativity is our most important value, because it allows us to experience freedom, audacity, and a serene, brave joie de vivre. We wish to share this value with elegance, style and refinement. The Wallo fashion is surprising, creative, contemporary and trendy; it is about pure lines and comfort. The Wallo designs, with their modern cuts, make the perfect canvas for Wallot’s pictorial creations. 

Refined quality
Refined quality comes from expertise and careful, creative selection regarding design, cuts, crafting and production.

A durable product, impeccably crafted from the highest quality materials, requires great expertise and careful consideration throughout the production chain. But everything starts with design, material selection, tests, samples and fittings. Everything starts with a team of experts working side by side to select and establish the best fabrics and components required to craft a product of the highest quality. Since its first collection was launched in 2016, making silk clothing has required a particular expertise, from design to sewing. Beauty, comfort and the elegance of high-end craftsmanship – that is what Wallo strives to offer.

Ethical and efficient production methods
We are building a healthy and sustainable organization. We promote a stimulating and dynamic work environment and personally and professionally fulfilling workrelationships for our team members.

We believe in local production and that is why we choose partners, artisans, professionals as well as local manufacturers and suppliers whenever it is possible. 
Local production minimizes our ecological footprint, but also promotes the development of local expertise and jobs while promoting economic activity. But we go further: we select our partners and collaborators according to our values. 
We believe in fair and healthy management practices. Our employees and those of our partners must have a healthy work environment, well-ventilated, safe, pleasant and that allows for their personal and professional development. They should be able work in a collaborative and fu environment,  free of discrimination, and to balance their work life under normal schedules. 
We value continuous improvement and optimization of materials to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible.


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