Wallo visual interior design services 

Enhance the human well-being and experience. 

From initial idea to installation, Wallo works with you to create visual atmospheres through interior design, 3D acoustic forms and mosaic design. Our goal is to create high-quality immersive environments that suit the needs of our customers. 

The unique vision of Wallo is ideal for any workplace environment that wants to set itself apart. Wallo develops sophisticated visuals and branding images to magnify office, commercial and hospitality environments.



Contemporary fashion for women

Wallo is also specializes in the design, production and sale, online and in-store, of contemporary fashion for women. Inspired by the pictorial and digital art of designer Marie-Andrée Wallot and in collaboration with a talented team, Wallo develops and produces high-end clothing for the sophisticated woman who seeks high quality, exclusive and daring pieces.



Marie-Andrée Wallot is a visual artist whose work has been exhibited numerous times. She also produced several visual installations on stage. Working with painters, artist, video maker and dancers for many years, she went on to produce various multimedia shows as well as the awarded art video L’Appât.

Expertly crafted, high-end fashion

Wallo’s designs, thanks to modern and balanced cuts, are the perfect canvas for Marie-Andrée Wallot’s pictorial works of art. The collection includes beautiful silk scarves, flowy tops, edgy pants and leggings, airy and elegant dresses, easy tunics and a boho-inspired, breezy maxi dress. Making silk clothing requires a particular expertise, from design to sewing. Beauty, comfort and the elegance of high-end craftsmanship – that is what Wallo strives to offer.

The fashion brand was launched its first collection at Ogilvy Montréal’s Cabinet Éphémère and is currently working on its international development.

Credit for the majority of our studio-shot photos: Alex Paillon - Photographe, Paule Forest - Stylist, Emilie Labellevie - Makeup, Natalia - Model from Folio Montreal - Jewellery by Anne-Marie Chagnon. Runway picture by Sergei Bergen.


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