ARTOFIX Acoustic Wall: Tiles, concept and color develop by Wallo. 


Wallo visual interior design services

Enhance the human well-being and experience.

From initial idea to installation, Wallo works with you to create visual atmospheres through interior design, 3D acoustic forms and mosaic design. Our goal is to create high-quality immersive environments that suit the needs of our customers. The unique vision of Wallo is ideal for any workplace environment that wants to set itself apart. Wallo develops sophisticated visuals and branding images to magnify office, commercial and hospitality environments.


Visual glass mural developed by Wallo.


Marie-Andree Wallot, president and designer, skillfully works with color and stunning visual design to create unforgettable immersive environments that embody her creative vision. She transforms commercial environments with a spirit of collaboration and well-being.

Visual glass mural developed by Wallo.

From monotonous to the dynamic. 

Quality interior design makes all the difference in transforming your workplace environment.


The visual concepts present in Wallo are rich in texture and illustration. They energize and transform a monotonous environment into a space ideal for creativity, collaboration, and professionalism. Creating spaces that are welcoming and balanced, providing a positive influence on everybody who works in and uses the space.

By creating interior spaces that incorporate proper use of color and visual forms, our minds become open to new ideas, and we gain new perspectives on our lives and our work.

All of our projects begin with an open discussion of the specifics of your workplace environment. It is important to gain a comprehensive understanding of the space , and how it is used, in order to provide a design that fits your workplace. A good design is based in a collaborative process that works with the brand and culture of the organization.
Contact Marie-Andrée Wallot for your design projects at mawallot@wallo.ca


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