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Silk face mask - face covering masque de soie

Silk protection benefits seen in news-medical.net article:

Silk useful as face mask and PPE in COVID-19

Quote from an article written by Dr. Liji Thomas, MD


« The Benefits of Silk

They found that materials had significant differences in contact angles and, therefore, hydrophobic character. Silk had contact angles at or above 90 degrees, but the other three being hydrophilic, contact angles below 90 degrees, or immediately absorbing the droplets.
Silk is a material obtained from the silk moth, a natural fiber used to spin its cocoon. The protein material called silk is not only hydrophobic and resistant to the entry of water but also antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial because of the presence of copper, incorporated by animals into their silk. It is used to make surgical sutures.
Moreover, its use as a biomaterial for many healthcare applications is being researched.Earlier studies showed that silk could be used as an antimicrobial barrier mask, with better filtration when multiple layers are used.
Silk Most Effective as Face Covering
The researchers found that when used for protection of the face, silk is the most effective at preventing the penetration of droplets, and the least absorptive of water, because of its intensely hydrophobic character compared to the other fabrics tested.This characteristic, coupled with its breathability, and the fact that it does not trap water, makes it ideal for protecting respirators under conditions of clinical exposure, and as a material for home-made for face coverings.
The other advantages include its inherent antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as the thinness of the material even when used in multiple layers.Silk also does not irritate the skin or increase local humidity around the face beneath it, making it suitable for prolonged wear, and avoiding accidental stimulation of face touching. »
Read the complete article here: Silk useful as face mask and PPE in COVID-19

Research from the University of Cincinnati, USA, June 2020


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